What are Fun Stampers Journey Silks?

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You may be wondering what is silk?

Silks are water based with metallic paint and enamel like properties included in the mixture.  It comes in a 0.5 oz size bottle with a brush tip – similar to nail polish.  There is a small bead in the bottle to aid with mixing.  It is important to mix well before using so that your project will have the shine and shimmer that silks offer.  There are quite a few ways to create with the silks.  Here is a video where I experimented with the silks.

Here are some pictures of the results of my crafting fun time.


The whip cream piece has silver and gold silk flicked onto it.  The black licorice and grape fusion has bubble gum (you can see a hint of pink in some of the splotches), whip cream (a white shimmer) and sparkle silk (pure shimmer).  I think flicking the silk onto projects is probably the most common way to use the silks.

The silks are great to water color with, too.  I used the gold silk watered down on the bottom right petal, bubble gum silk watered down on the top petal, the center is gold silk directly applied with the brush applicator, and the blue petal is the sparkle silk mixed with blue lagoon paint.  All give a beautiful shimmer.

For this image, I put a few drops of Bubble Gum silk onto a clear plastic sheet (one that comes with the FSJ stamps) then spritzed water onto the silk using the media mister.  Then I placed a piece of whip cream cs onto the puddle.  I then picked up the piece and placed it back into the mixture where ever I wanted to add a little more color.  So beautiful. There is still shimmer to the color but it is very subtle and hard to see in this picture.

For this image, I flicked some gold silk, silver silk, black licorice silk and bubble gum silk onto the gel press then just laid a piece of whip cream cs on top and rubbed my hand over it.  Since the silks are water based, I am sure there are quite a bit of fun to be had with the silks and the gel press.

You can also use stencils with the silks.  The very shimmery bubble gum and silver images are created by simply painting the silk onto the bubble bubble stencil that was on whip cream cs.  The duller bubble gum bubbles is the result of mixing bubble gum silk with journey modeling paste then spreading that mixture onto the bubble bubble stencil with a spatula onto the whip cream cs.  You can see that the silk does seep a little bit underneath the stencil which is a cool effect, the modeling paste works great with the stencil and gives you a sharp, crisp image of your stencil.

You can stamp using the silks.  Simply brush your silk onto the stamp image you would like to stamp, then stamp.  It is a good idea not to have your brush full of silk goodness.  Also, it is important to clean your stamp immediately before the silk dries – it does have metallic paint and enamel properties that will be hard to clean off once dry.

This image shows the sparkle silk added to the center of a couple of flowers and the one on the right is the gold silk added to the center of a flower.  The silks are great to add to the printed paper!

If you have any questions regarding Fun Stampers Journey, please don’t hesitate to contact me at deborah@createwithcompassion.com

If you would like a pdf that has information about the color splashes, a list of all items on sale during April 2018, to learn more about joining the journey or have any other questions about Fun Stampers Journey, please don’t hesitate to contact me – deborah@createwithcompassion.com

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