Journey Blooms Paper Trimmer

The Fun Stampers Journey offers a variety of great quality tools to help you bring paper to life.

One tool that is probably used the most often and has a big impact on your finished project is the Journey Blooms Paper Trimmer.

Paper trimmers are needed for every project we create, so it is worth investing in one that will last a long time, be sturdy, and not increase frustration during use.

I wondered if the Journey Blooms Paper Trimmer was worth the investment of $34.95.  This video shares with you what I love and appreciate about the paper trimmer.  For me, it is worth every penny because it is used so often, is so easy to use and I have great results when using this trimmer. 

Quality tools help create awesome projects.

This paper trimmer has the following features that make it a must have for me:

The paper trimmer is sturdy and stable with no slipping during use.

Easy to read measurements that are a part of the trimmer that will not fade with use or over time.

Measurements are for centimeters and inches

Easy to use for any paper trimming style regardless if you are right or left handed.

Easy to use paper guide that is clear with the measurements along the underside so that there is no fading.

Handles at the top and bottom of the paper guide.

Scoring tool creates exact and thin scoring lines that help my folds be precise, sharp and neat.

I love the 1/4 by 1/4 inch square grid that covers the entire paper platform.

The cutting track and paper guide do not allow wiggle room as you cut or score, giving you a straight line every time.

Platform is large enough for me to do a majority of my cutting without needed the extended measurement arms.

I can easily cut larger pieces simply with the easy to extend arms that are available at the top and bottom.

Large and colorful cutting blade and scoring blade that are easy to grasp and easy to find.


This is my all time favorite trimmer and I am so glad I purchased it!

 You can purchase one too, simply click on a link below.


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