Journey Sketch #2

Sketches are a great resource to take advantage of when creating.  They can challenge you, give you inspiration or a starting point when you’re not sure where to begin and it is great to see the different creations that all come from one sketch.

I am absolutely loving the Facebook group called Journey Sketches.  It is a group that was started by two very creative ladies, Janice Whiting and Kazan Clark.  They take turns posting a sketch each week along with a sample card.

Here is the sketch for week 2 that Janice Whiting created.

I wanted to stay as true to the sketch as possible and considered a variety of stamp sets but none seemed to work out for me.  Near the end of the week, I had a thought to use the Tag This punch as balloons!  It has all 3 of the shapes found in the sketch.

I was so excited to use the Tag This punch in a way that is somewhat out of the box.  I love having items in my crafting area that can be used in a variety of ways.  I also love having a cute card with an easy way to use up scraps of paper!

Since the Tag This punch will give you three different shaped balloons, you can easily make 3 cards (or more!)  This is a fairly easy card to mass produce and is great for anyone to receive!

Another tool that I used in a somewhat out of the box type way is the Journey Bloom Tool.  I used the three rounded stylus tips to give my card some white splotches and to add a detail to the balloons.

The Journey Whip Cream Thread has 3 strands twisted together.  You simply hold one end and twist the string to the right and you will see the three strands separate.  I just felt that the full thread was a little thicker then I wanted, and was excited to see that I can use one thread for all three balloons!

I hope that you have found some inspiration and tips in the creation of this card.  If you would like to purchase any of the supplies, you will find links below.   Thank you for spending a little time creating with compassion with me!

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Bloom Tool


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