Woohoo! My new Journey has begun with Fun Stampers Journey!

Woohoo!  This is my very first blog post as an Independent Fun Stampers Journey Coach!!

I had been watching others create with Fun Stampers Journey products and I was impressed by what I saw.  I have truly enjoyed watching Richard Garay (aka RG) create and connect with people via Facebook Live Stream craft sessions.

I placed an order for a variety of goodies from Fun Stampers Journey so that I could see and feel if the products were as good was what I was seeing online.  I could not find a local coach that I could reach out to and attend a make it party, so I took a chance and placed an order.

I was NOT disappointed!

I love the quality of the paper, the uniqueness of the True Color Fusion Ink that is so bold, bright and vibrant in color, the variety and quality of stamps, so many different mediums to create with and so much more!  I just had to join as soon as I was able to!  I didn’t have to wait long (a couple of months) for an opportunity to arise that I just could not pass up.  With my husband’s full support (and gentle nudge) I joined the Journey and became a :

I am so excited to share this journey with you!  To share what I learn as I play with new mediums! To share awesome Fun Stampers Journey Promotions with you!  To share a variety of projects created with Fun Stampers Journey products!  To share the very cool tips, tricks and techniques that RG teaches!  To Create with Compassion!



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